For better or worse, Facebook gives us a lot of information on the everyday lives and thoughts of friends, acquaintances and strangers. If you happen to “like” one of your favorite musicians on Facebook – like Peter Frampton, for example – sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

Last night, the rocker went on a bit of a rampage when he didn’t like the way Facebook displayed this photo of him recording in his home studio.

First he said: “FB just annoys me that’s why I don’t post as much anymore. I wanted to post a pic of me working today for you guys. It posted but only under photographs and NOT as a regular post. They should leave it alone for five seconds and get it working properly before they change something else leaving the regular workings not working. Keep smilin’ it’s just a thing!”

Facebook commonly makes design changes every so often that tends to make users go into a tailspin about “the new Facebook,” how awful it is and how they want to bring back “the old Facebook.” This usually lasts a few weeks and then all is forgotten. Unless you’re Peter Frampton, of course. It seems like Peter is not a fan of the “timeline” look of his Facebook page.

He goes on to say: “Why can’t you see the page in the order as people post? I don’t want Highlights or just my posts or just your posts I want to see all our posts together IN timeline order. There is no way to see posts by everyone on my macbook. But I can on my iPhone. There’s just no option for that here. My last two posts disappeared up I don’t know where. Who knows where this one will end up. It’s actually laughable. Ha ha ha”

What’s laughable is watching a rock legend try to understand how a social networking website works. But he doesn’t let it go.

He continues: “I can’t see any of my last three posts. They must have gone into FB hell. This was such a good idea to start with now they’ve just gone and f***ed it up completely!!!”

Are you listening, Zuckerberg? Peter Frampton has some suggestions for you.

His final post of the night: “Now on my iphone I see everything. I guess FB doesn’t cater to anybody but smart phone users. Why can’t it be uniform on all formats? That’s it I’m done for the night. No more ranting I need to be doing more raving!! Ha ha! Everyone have a great night and see ya in the morning bfn!”

At least he ends it on a good note, though it’s not as though Frampton is exactly new to social networking. This summer, he chronicled a car accident he was involved in via his Twitter account.

– Erin Fox, CBS Radio Cleveland


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