"When people ask 'Which Wayne’s World were you in?' I always tell them, 'The funny one.'"

By Hayden Wright

Alice Cooper was an essential ingredient to the enduring comedy of Wayne’s World, and he sat down with Billboard to discuss the film’s 25th anniversary. He credits the film’s stature as a classic to the “re-watchability” factor when it appears on TV.

“Wayne’s World is one of those movies that wherever you come into it, you can go from there. Like Airplane! or Caddyshack or Dumb and Dumber, you can turn it on right in the middle and it’s very quotable. I’d say it was in the Top 10 of most quotable.”

Cooper also recalled what it was like to perform “Feed My Frankenstein” on set with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. He didn’t realize that the shoot would demand some actual acting.

“We were supposed to perform and I didn’t know anything about the dialogue,” the rocker recalled. “When I got to the set, Mike said, ‘You’re an actor, can you do some lines for us?’ I went ‘sure’ and I got like five pages of dialogue. I said, ‘When are we doing this?’ He goes, ‘In about 20 minutes.’ I go ‘OK.’ So a lot of it was riffing. I think we did it in two takes.”

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In 1992, the hit comedy helped reestablish Cooper as a contemporary figure, not just a rock legend from the past.

“The appearance in Wayne’s World did bring a different audience to us,” he said. “We were classic rock. We were sort of royalty, in the rock world, the young bands kinda looked up to us. Also, I think the idea that the band, who looked like all these Sunset Strip derelicts… that the guitar player would be talking about socialist governors in Minnesota made it really, really funny.”

Asked about the ill-fated sequel, Cooper played it cool.

“When people ask ‘Which Wayne’s World were you in?’ I always tell them, ‘The funny one.'”

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