By Dave Fogel

If you think your credit rating is bad, well at least it’s not as bad as the state of Illinois!

Moody Investors Services says that if a budget isn’t reached by the politicians in Springfield by the end of the Spring session, they may lower the state’s credit rating.

So just how much does that state owe?

Well, to put it the way Crain’s Chicago Business did, right now the state has a pile of IOU’s of about 13 billion.

Yes BILLIONS with a B!

Lets be honest, it’s been two years since there’s even been a budget, so why would anyone think something will happen before the end of may?

Who is going to pay for President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico?

While he was campaigning for the job, President Trump implied Mexico would pay for his proposed wall between their country and ours.

Mexico, not surprisingly, wasn’t so cool with that plan.

Now there is a House bill that would call for a 2% charge on any moneys that immigrants send home that would fund it.

What is the latest about the alleged connection between President Trump and Russia?

Donald Trump’s former National Security adviser, who left the job after he was a little less than forthcoming about conversations he had with Russian officials, says he wants to talk with investigators from both the House and The Senate.

There’s a catch though, he wants immunity.

No word on whether he’ll get it or not.


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