By Dave Fogel

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Lake County, Illinois or Lake County, Indiana, high winds and waves are going to be a problem tonight!

Forecasters say 60 mile per hour winds are expected later on tonight and tomorrow.

Those winds mean high waves along the shores of Lake Michigan from Indiana all the way up to Milwaukee!

Those 25 foot (or even higher) waves could mean flooding along the shores of Lake Michigan tomorrow.

But one thing about me as that I’m a “glass is half full” instead of “the glass is half empty” kinda guy and am looking forward to the weekend!

It’ll start warming up on Friday and could be in the 70’s on Sunday!

Just think, we’ll all be outside playing golf, jogging, riding Harleys or taking the top down on the convertible!

See, you’ve already forgotten about Thursday’s nasty weather already haven’t you?





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