If you feel like Chicago’s filled with breweries, you’re basically right.

Among metropolitan areas, Chicago has the second highest number of breweries in the nation with 158 breweries. Seattle takes the number one spot with 174 breweries. Denver’s number three with 148.

This data comes from Datafiniti.

“We utilized our business data to search for breweries across the country. We combined this with supplementary information from the Brewers Association catalog of breweries, to offer more specific details. From our analysis, we are able to find out in what parts of America breweries reign supreme,” they wrote.

Illinois doesn’t quite fare as well as the Windy City. Among states, Illinois comes in at number 11 with 196 total breweries. That means nearly 81 percent of Illinois’ breweries are right here in the Chicago metro area!

California, Colorado and Washington took the top three spots with 687, 349 and 337 breweries respectively. WOH, California sure has a lot!

If you break breweries down by capita — breweries per 100,000 residents — then Vermont, Montana and Colorado take the top spots with 8, 6.6 and 6.3 breweries per capita, respectively. Illinois was in the 29th spot with 1.5.


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