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The Tribune Gets It Wrong And Chicago Sings A Song

To succeed you must believe in yourself and never give up!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–11/02/2017

The Cubs Connection To This Birthday Boy’s Biggest Hit

The Cubs TV broadcasts in 1984 and 1985 featured this huge hit.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–10/10/2017

Happy Birthday To The Gangster Of Love

This Wisconsin-born singer/songwriter/guitarist racked up 20 hits in 25 years. Three made it all the way to #1.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–10/05/2017

17 Albums And 38 Hit Songs Later, He Starts His Solo Career!

Happy birthday to a legendary Chicago performer!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–09/13/2017

You May Not Know His Name, But You Do Know His Music

The name of the group is slightly misleading, since Dewey Bunnell is an Englishman.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–09/12/2017

Happy Birthday Lionel Richie!

Lionel grew up on the campus of the Tuskegee Institute, where his grandfather had worked.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–06/20/2017

The Blues Brothers Chicago Premiere

If you ever lived or worked in Chicago – this movie is probably one of your favorites.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–06/16/2017

This 80’s Blockbuster Had Been Turned Down By Every Studio In Hollywood

Paramount executive Michael Eisner said the script was the best he had ever read.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–06/12/2017

Named For A Very Cold Night, This Group Was Actually Very Hot

Very few artists have charted 21 hits in a 6 year span.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–06/09/2017

June 8th Is His Birthday And He Plays Ravinia June 27th

He played with Steve Miller, lived in Europe, retired from music, opened a restaurant and made a comeback.


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