Officials Have Identified The Animal Hanging Out On Rooftops In The Austin Neighborhood!I'm not sure why they haven't caught this little guy yet, because he's been roaming around the area for a couple of weeks now!
Someone Call The Roadrunner! A Coyote's Been Spotted On The West SideIf you live on the West Side and see a dog on the a's not a dog.
Photos: Coyotes Continue To Roam Chicago's StreetsCoyotes help fight Chicago's rat problem...
Be On the Lookout For A Coyote If You Live Near Lincoln Square On The North SideHere's something you don't see in Chicago everyday...a coyote!
Is There A Coyote On The Loose In Streeterville?There's more than a few coyote loose in Chicago...
Watch Out For Coyotes Roaming Chicago Streets (Seriously)There are so many coyotes in the Chicago area, there's now a coyote tracker...
Here's One Coyote That Was Treading On Thin Ice!The ice on Lake Michigan is no place to hang out, even if your a coyote! Cops say they spotted a coyote out on the Lake Michigan ice near 59th Street and despite everything thing they tried, the coyote headed away from the shore instead of towards it!
A Coyote On The Stevenson? Where's The Road Runner When You Need Him?You expect to see cars on the Stevenson Expressway, but a coyote? That's what happened yesterday when a coyote found its way onto the Expressway near Harlem Avenue...
Was That A Coyote On Lower Wacker?Did I just see a coyote on Lower Wacker? Most people think big urban cities are not the favorite homeland for wildlife. But those animals are learning to live and survive on the streets, alleys and hidden areas on big cities like Chicago and New York.

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