TV Theme Friday: 'The Smurfs'When you think of The Smurfs, you probably think of the 1980's cartoon series, but they've been around for a lot longer than that!
TV Theme Friday: 'Fame'"Fame" is one of those rare cases of a movie that was turned in to a successful TV series.
Grandpa Rossy Coming OUT Of Retirement?It's obvious David Ross does NOT like to rest! Just look at his checklist...
VIDEO: Is Jimmy Fallon Copying BOTH Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel?I caught a bit of Fallon last night and it looked as though he was taking a page out of both Colbert's and Kimmel's playbook.
Monday's Movie Trailer: 'Baywatch'The original "Baywatch" ran for 12 years from 1989 until 2001.
VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Can't Pronounce "Elgin"Let's all say it together. ELL-jin. ELL-jin. It's a soft g, not a hard g. ELL-jin.
VIDEO: Chicago Singer Rules On "The Voice"How did she do, you might ask? Well, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton fought over her! Let's see who won...
TV Theme Friday: 'I Dream Of Jeannie'Long before pop singer Christina Aguilera sang "Genie In A Bottle", there was a much more famous Jeannie that everyone talked about.
TV Theme Friday: 'Taxi'There's some TV theme songs that you just can't help but hum.
VIDEO: Three Cubs And A JimmyAnthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and Ben Zobrist took to Jimmy Fallon's couch last night on The Tonight Show.
TV Theme Friday: 'Gimme A Break'Nell Carter didn't just star on "Gimme A Break" for the six seasons it ran on NBC, she also sang the theme song!
TV Theme Friday: 'The Jetsons'There's something about the theme songs of those 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoons that make them impossible to forget.

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