The Heavy Rains Closed The Chicago Riverwalk This Weekend!It rained A LOT this weekend.
The Chicago Bulls Are On A Kinda Sorta Thursday Night Winning Streak!Did you know that the Chicago Bulls are on a winning streak?
Now That We're Done With The Snow, Here's Comes The Bitter Bitter Cold!What is worse, dealing with snow or dealing with single digit temperatures?
K-Hits Cares! Think About Pedestrian Safety When You're Behind The Wheel!Here's something to think about every time you get behind the wheel of your car.
K-Hits Cares! Look Out For Pedestrians!When you're driving, you are always on the lookout for other cars, but are you looking for pedestrians as well?
K-Hits Cares! Help Homeless Veterans!No veteran or their family should be homeless.
There's Still No Budget Deal, But Some Progress Was Made In Springfield YesterdayIt doesn't seem like we're any where close to a budget deal downstate, but at least a little progress was made yesterday.
Watch Out For Coyotes Roaming Chicago Streets (Seriously)There are so many coyotes in the Chicago area, there's now a coyote tracker...
Preparations Have Begun For Next Week's Chicago Marathon!If you notice a blue line spray painted through your neighborhood, it wasn't graffiti artists that did it.
K-Hits Cares! Spay Or Neuter Your Dogs!With thousands of homeless animals entering shelters each year, pet overpopulation is a serious problem.
Is President Obama Coming To Town To Announce His Library Will Be Built Here?Will you visit the Obama Presidential Library if it's built?
Grant Park Has Been Transformed Into Draft Town For This Weekend!If you've tried to drive around Grant Park at any point over the last couple of days, you know it's a mess with street closures and everything else in anticipation of the NFL Draft.

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