Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 01-11-18

January 11, 2018
  1. A seemingly drunk woman jumped onstage during a Celine Dion concert. But Celine embraced her, talked to her, and said she loved her. What film was Celine’s smash hit “My Heart will Go On” used for?
  2. Rick Springfield says he still struggles with depression, and was actually close to ending his life last year. Name Rick’s only #1 song that’s about wanting to be with his friends girlfriend.
  3. Nine years ago today Heath Ledger won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his role as the joker. He won an Oscar a month later. What was the name of the film?
  4. The Internet attacked Chrissy Tiegen for posting a picture of herself on a slide, with her daughter on her lap. How many kids do Tiegen and husband John Legend have?
  5. Rapper G-Eazy is the latest to cut ties with H&M over backlash from an ad. G-Eazy is currently dating this singer who is all over the mix airwaves with her new single “Bad at Love”. What’s her name?
  1. O.J. Simpson continues to deny the rumor that he’s Khloe Kardashian’s father. When someone tried to congratulate him on Khloe's pregnancy, he said, quote, "Congratulations to her, but trust me, I had nothing to do with it.” Khloe’s soon to be baby daddy is an athlete. What sport does he play?
  2. Jennifer Lopez will guest star on "Will & Grace" as two different characters: Herself and her "Shades of Blue" character, Detective Harlee Santos. What is the name of Will & Graces rich, promiscuous hard drinking female friend on the show?
  3. 13-year-old Millie Bobbie Brown will star in and produce a film franchise about Sherlock Holmes' younger sister. Who plays Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC series “Sherlock”?
  4. Jack White just released two new songs. He’s also one of the headliners of Boston Calling this year. Name the band White was in with his wife from 1997-2011.
  5. Robert Deniro called the president some nasty names during an award ceremony earlier this week. One of Deniro’s earliest and still most iconic roles is from “Taxi Driver”. What was his characters name in the film? – Travis Bickle or Tony Banta
  1. Paste Magazine claims the ride-sharing company Lyft is teaming with a Chicago craft brewery for a new beer called 5-Star Lager. What was Lyft’s very distinctive logo a picture of before they replaced it in late 2016?
  2. Marvel hired a female screenwriter for a "Black Widow" movie, which means it may FINALLY get off the ground. Who plays Black Widow?
  3. claims Michael J. Fox is joining the cast of "Designated Survivor". He will play a Washington D.C. attorney, who becomes a member of the President's cabinet. It’s not the first time Fox has played a politician as he was Mike Flaherty, New York City’s Deputy Mayor in what show?
  4. Harvey Weinstein was slapped in the face at an Arizona Restaurant by a drunk patron. I imagine no one is too broken up about it. No charges were filed. What entertainment company did Weinstein co-found?
  5. Corey Feldman is under investigation for allegedly grabbing a woman's backside last year. He's denying it. Corey fronts a pretty terrible band nowadays backed by all female musicians. What does he call them?