Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 01-16-18

January 16, 2018
  1.  Danica Patrick admitted she's dating Aaron Rodgers.  Aaron's brother Jordan was on and actually won what reality dating show?
  2. Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan died yesterday morning. She was 46. What is the Cranberries biggest hit and only top 10 single.
  3. Today in 1920 prohibition began. How long were Americans not allowed to freely booze is up before this travesty was fixed? 13 or 23 years?
  4. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is 38 today. He did a lot of the music for the hit 2016 film “Moana”. The rock played a demigod in that movie. What was his name?
  5. Katy Perry redeemed herself at Medieval Times, after a traumatic experience when she was a kid. Name the 1996 comedy where Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick get in an epic knight fight at Medieval Times.
  1. Lifetime has put a film chronicling the romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle into development. What is the name of Harry’s older brother?
  2. 46 years ago today David Seville died. He was most famous for his songs as “Alvin & The Chipmunks”. Name the other two chipmunks besides Alvin.
  3. Def Leppard and Journey are hitting the road together in May. Between them they have one song that peaked at #1 on the charts. Who does the song belong to?
  4. The talk show “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” for at least two more seasons. What network does it air on TBS, TNT or TLC?
  5. Rob Lowe was just in the news for calling out Bella Thorne on Instagram after she complained about not being able to get to her boyfriends show due to roadway closures as a result of the CA mudslides. What was the name of Rob Lowe’s character in The Outsiders?
  1. A source claims Kim and Kanye have installed a $1 million panic room in their home. Panic room was actually a 2002 movie starring Kristen Stewart and this “Silence Of The Lambs” actress.
  2. On this date in 1987, red M&Ms returned for the first time in 11 years after being banned because the original red dye used in the candy had caused cancer in lab rats. What is the other color of M&M that stars in the majority of the M&M commercials along with red?
  3. Paris Jackson recently picked up a couple of hitchhikers, and she even took them to a fast food place to get them dinner because one of them was pretty messed up. They repayed her by stealing her debit card. How many brothers does Paris Jackson have?
  4. Aaliyah would have been 39 today. She only released three albums in her life but all three went double platinum. When did Aaliyah pass away in a plane crash? 1991 or 2001?
  5. The Star claims Goldie Hawn recently got spooked by a Ouija board at a supernatural party she was hosting. Spell Ouija. (SORRY THIS QUESTION DOESN'T REALLY WORK IN TEXT FORM!)
Can YOU Beat Kennedy?