Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 01-22-18

January 22, 2018
  1. The Patriots are going to the Superbowl AGAIN. How many times has Tom Terrific been to the big game in total now?
  2. Drake dropped two new songs Friday night, in one of them he raps about his ex Jennifer Lopez. Who is Jlo’s new beau?
  3. Steve Perry is 69 today. He used to be the lead singer of what Rock N Roll Hall of Fame band that’s playing Fenway Park this summer.
  4. Eight years ago today Conan O’Brien accepted NBC's $45 million buyout and left the "The Tonight Show". Why did they buy him out?
  5. Dj Jazzy Jeff is 53 today. On top of being Will Smith’s DJ he also had a recurring role on “The Fresh Prince”. What would Uncle Phil do to Jazz as a long running joke on the show?
  1. Paddington 2, the family film sequel about the UK’s beloved Paddington Bear, has broken a record on Rotten Tomatoes for the most consecutive Fresh ratings for a movie. The record used to be held by Toy Story 2 until last year. In the Toy Story Franchise who is the young boy all the toys belong to?
  2. The Patriots will play the Eagles in the Super Bowl in two weeks. True or False : The Patriots have played and beaten the Eagles in a Super Bowl before?
  3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their baby daughter Chicago. They'll call her "Chi" for short. Which of these movies does NOT take place in Chicago? – The Blues Brothers, Ferris Buellers Day Off or Ghostbusters?
  4. Abby Lee Miller scored early prison release after serving less than half of fraud sentence. What reality TV show did she star on?
  5. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction recently donated $10,000 toward the medical costs of a nine-year-old fan named Rylee. 4 of the orginal (including Zayn) 1D members are English. One is not. Where is the other member from?
  1. Guy Fieri is 50 today. His show Diners, Drive ins and _____ has been airing on the Food Network since 2007. Finish the name.
  2. Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of Robert Kraft buying the Patriots. He also owns another New England sports franchise. What is it?
  3. Nicolas Cage was one worth $150 million but he spent the vast majority of it on ridiculous items such as Dinosaur Skulls, an Island in the Bahamas and albino king Cobras. Name the movie where he steals the Declaration of Independence.
  4. Peter Dinklage says "Game of Thrones" ending is "bittersweet." While it's a little sad it's also a good thing because when shows are on too long, they start to "jump the shark." From what sitcom did the phrase “Jump the Shark” originate when a character literally jumped over a shark on water skis in an episode?
  5. Stephen King took to twitter to formally ask producer Dick Wolf to make a new Law & Order show focusing on vampires. Name the now wrapped up HBO series that was focused on Vampires and other supernatural creatures.