Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 01-24-18

January 24, 2018
  1. Retired kicker Jay Feely says Gisele Bundchen legit tried to get him to convince Tom Brady to quit playing. He wouldn't do it. Gisele was the highest paid supermodel for years before being dethroned last year but which Kardashian/Jenner?
  2. Daytime host Steve Wilkos says he's lucky to be alive after flipping his car in Darien, Connecticut. He says he was reaching to grab his glasses when he hit a curb. Steve was a security guard on what other daytime show before being given his own?
  3. It would have been John Belushi’s birthday. He played “Joliet’ Jake in what film alongside Dan Akroyd?
  4. A really odd teaser trailer for a Danny Devito M&M SuperBowl commercial just dropped where he is dressed as a red M&M in a vat of chocolate. He played a Batman villain back in the early 90’s opposite Michael Keaton. Which villain did he play?
  5. 34 years ago today Apple unveiled the Macintosh personal computer. What actor played a Mac in the Mac vs PC ad campaign that Apple ran from 2006-2009?
  1. David Joyner, the guy who played Barney the Dinosaur, is now a "tantric healer", who basically has sex with women to "release their blocked energy." What is Barney?
  2. Joey fatone says NYSNC will not reunite with Justin Timberlake during the Superbowl Halftime show. What is the name of NSYNC’s highest selling album? Is it No Strings Attached or Step By Step
  3. "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "Fifty Shades Darker" lead the pack in this year's Golden Raspberry nominations. Who plays the lead male role in 50 shades?
  4. John Cena is in talks to star in a “Duke Nukem” movie. What is Duke Nukem originally?
  5. Zach Galifanakis spoke on the Louis C.K. scandal saying Quote, “The fact that someone can think that just because they're loved, they can do what they want. It grosses me out. That's all I want to say." What FX show does Zach currently star in?
  1.  On this date in 2007, Eva Longoria announced that she and Tony Parker were going to marry. They divorced in 2011. What show was Longoria on from 2004-2012.
  2. A Domino’s in Canada had to fire its delivery driver after an elevator camera caught him eating toppings off a customer’s pizza. What is the Domino’s logo?
  3. Ice-T is going to be on Jimmy Fallon Tonight. What is the name of Ice-T’s wife he used to have a reality show with.
  4. Ed Helms turns 44 today. People loved him in “The Hangover” but he won people over long before that with his role on “The Office”. What was his character’s name?
  5. Bryan Cranston talked about his Breaking Bad tattoo in an interview. It is of the BR and BA symbols from the shows intro. Which were symbols of what?