Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 01-25-18

January 25, 2018
  1. 57 years ago today 101 Dalmatians"was released in movie theaters. What is the name of the cruel and eccentric rich woman who had puppies kidnapped with the intention of making fur coats out of them?
  2. Candice Bergen will return for a new season of "Murphy Brown". There's no word yet who else is coming back. What was Murphy’s occupation on the show?
  3. Alicia Keys turns 37 today. She’ll be back on TV February 27th on what reality show that she’s been on twice before?
  4. There's a rumor that Caitlyn Jenner is considering "Dancing with the Stars". Her rep says, quote, "The current reports are not true.” Which Kardashian has not been on DWTS? Kim, Rob or Khloe?
  5. Joel Taylor from the show "Storm Chasers" died on a cruise Tuesday. He was only 38. TMZ says it may have been an overdose. What channel does Storm Chasers air on? Discovery Channel or A&E?
  1. 33 years ago today "We Are the World" was recorded in Los Angeles. It was written by Lionel Richie & what other musical superstar?
  2. According to Vegas Tom Brady has the best odds on either team to become SuperBowl MVP at 5/4. Which number SuperBowl is this? 42 or 52?
  3. David Schwimmer is starring in a Skittles Super Bowl commercial that will only be shown to ONE person. What is Skittles tagline?
  4. This week in 1935, the first beer in a can was sold. And in 2017 for the first time in decades all three of the top selling beers in America were light beers. Bud light came in at 1, Coors light at 2 and then what light beer edged out Budweiser for the #3 spot?
  5. Drew Carey got knocked over by a contestant on "The Price is Right" yesterday. Which of these is NOT a game on the Price Is Right? – Plinko, Press Your Luck or Cliff Hanger
  1. “The Cat In The Hat” animated movie will kick off a new Dr. Seuss franchise at Warner Bros. In the cat in the hat what are the names of the cat’s two companions who help him wreck the house?
  2. Shark charities got flooded with donations after President Trump said he hopes sharks die. Speaking of sharks, who is the female lead in the “Sharknado” franchise.
  3. Real Housewives star Luann de Lesseps was charged with a felony of resisting an officer with violence over her December arrest. Which Real Housewives does she star on?
  4. Bob Costas won't be a part of NBC's Super Bowl coverage, but he wasn't fired because of his comments about the NFL and concussions. Name the 2015 Will Smith movie that is centered around a doctor finding out the truth about brain damage in football players.
  5. 19 years ago today “The Tom Green Show” premiered on MTV. Back in the early 2000’s Green was actually married to an A-List actress. Who is she?