99-Year-Old Veteran Who Beat Coronavirus Attends Granddaughter’s Wedding

June 2, 2020

A 99-year-old veteran made sure nothing stood in his way of attending his granddaughter’s wedding.

Vincent Simeone surprised Amy Zimmerman Scudieri on her wedding day in Massachusetts.

The third oldest of the grandchildren didn’t expect to see her grandfather because prior to the wedding, he was in the hospital battling coronavirus.

According to “Good Morning America,” the WWII veteran, who also spent 35 years working for the postal service, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 16 and remained in the hospital from April 20 to May 7.

But on May 24, the wedding day, which would have also marked his late wife's 100th birthday, he surprised his granddaughter and her new husband.

"It was a huge surprise and it was great to see him standing and waving, smiling," she told the publication.

"You could tell by his eyes that he was very excited and happy,” she explained.

To prevent the spread of the novel virus, Simeone wore a face mask and maintained social distancing throughout the joyous event.

A total of 10 people attended the ceremony inside of the church, while the rest of the family members gathered in the parking lot for a safe and short reception.

"He is what keeps our family together," Scudieri added, "We're always there with him laughing at his jokes."

His other granddaughter, Heather Simeone, emphasized her grandfather’s positive outlook with his recovery.

"He loves life, and loves to be with family," she said, adding, "Even with the virus he said, 'It's OK. It's going to be fine.”

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