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Shaggy The Dog

Lost Dog of 6 Years reunites with Chicago Family

His name is Shaggy. He went missing 6 years ago. Last week he was re-united with his family from Belmont Heights. AWESOME STORY!!! I can't imagine losing my puppy for 6 years. What an emotional roller coaster. Shaggy the dog disappeared from a #Chicago yard 8 years ago. Last week, he was reunited... Read More
Aaron ROdgers Tattoo

Aaron Rodgers in a Jock Strap tattoo

Did she lose a bet??? Hahaha Aaron Rodgers in a Jock Strap tattoo. EPIC. It's not my body, so I'm not worried. I'm about to get a Trubisky Tattoo for next season!! lol You aren't a #GreenBay fan, until you are an #AaronRodgers in a jockstrap pinup tattoo wearing fan. #greenbaypackers #packersfan #... Read More
Mark Wahlberg Golfing

For The Ladies: Mark Wahlberg RIPPED in Hawaii

Mark Wahlberg in Hawaii just shredded. Looks exactly like me when I lived in San Diego. Enough about me, click below to see his gainz.... Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Shredded Bod in Hawaii — TMZ (@TMZ) January 9, 2020 Read More
Azriel Clary

R. Kelly's Girlfriends Throw Hands on IG Live

Wow. I get it though. Nobody likes moving!!! Looks like R. Kelly's girlfriends were going through some boxes to move out, and then one accused the other of having another man over, then it WENT DOWN like sand in a tube sock. Check out the videos below First part Chile-- A post shared by The... Read More
cell phone

TikTok Fixes a number of Dangerous Security Flaws

The flaws are fixed, but could have been dangerous. A cyber security company found a bunch of flaws that could have led to gaining user personal data, including personal emails with potential to be very harmful. Good reminder to always check what APPS your kids are downloading these days. You can... Read More

Woman Who Inspired Jlo's Hustlers Role Suing Her For $40M

The stripper, Samantha Barbash, who inspired Jlo's character in the movie Hustlers is suing the production company saying they used her story without her permission and made her look bad in the process. She says they portrayed her as using illegal substances in her home where her child lived- she... Read More

WARNING: Coyotes Spotted on the Northside

Authorites are saying to close lids to garbage cans/dumpsters tightly. If you have small pets don't let them out alone, and keep them on a tight leash like your boyfriend. Video of Coyote Spotted In Lincoln Park Neighborhood MORE HERE: Read More