Amazon Selling Bracelets That Will Shock You for Your Bad Habbits

Zap Zap!

June 18, 2019
A portion of the sign advertising Amazon Go is seen outside the grocery store's location on June 16, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Amazon announced that it will buy Whole Foods Market, Inc. for over $13 billion dollars.

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Got a bad habit? 

Amazon has a new tool to help you get rid of these bad habits such as poor eating, spending too much money, and even sleeping in too much. 

The bracelet sells for about $200 on Amazon by connecting the device to your phone, and training away bad habits with an electric shock. 

Struggle to get out of bed on time ?⠀ ⠀ One of our most popular features is the 'Shock Clock'⠀ ⠀ Either you get up on time or....⚡

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