Can You Guess How Many Swarovski Crystals Were Used On Cardi B's Nails For Super Bowl Commercial?

Cardi B wore over 500 crystals for Pepsi commercial

February 4, 2019

Can you say bling bling

If you didn't catch Cardi B's Pepsi commercial, you probly weren't watching the Super Bowl. Before the actual game, Pepsi put out a teaser for their commercial where Cardi B is seen clinking her nails against a crystallized Pepsi can. The Pepsi can covered in crystals matched Cardi's nails. 

Jenny Bui was the mastermind behind the design for Cardi's nails. 

"I used around 25-45 Swarovski crystals on each nail. So, altogether it was hundreds of small crystals," Jenny said. "Ultimately, it took around two and a half hours to complete." 

She said Cardi originally wanted to do just one color but she was able to talk her into doing all three Pepsi colors. She wanted to do the Pepsi logo on Cardi's nails, but Cardi said no because she didn't want to give away that she was doing the commercial before it aired. 

If you missed it, or if you missed her blinding nails, check out the video below........