HIRING: Here's a List of Companies Hiring Immediately

March 24, 2020

Our hearts go out to all of those whose jobs were affected by the Coronavirus. 

Here is a list of companies that are hiring immediately. 


Amazon: To apply, click here.  

Here's a breakdown of the three categories where Amazon is focusing its hiring:

Warehouses: These positions are stationed at Amazon fulfillment centers, sort centers, and delivery stations. The roles service regular Amazon orders, as well as Prime Now, Prime Pantry, and Amazon Fresh. Employees in these roles are generally responsible for selecting, packing, and sorting customer orders. The roles will pay at least $17 per hour through April.

Shoppers: These employees work flexible hours picking and packing grocery orders at Whole Foods. The roles will pay at least $17 per hour through April.

Delivery drivers: These workers deliver packages to homes and businesses. No special license is needed for this work. Employees can work full-time for a third-party courier company, or Amazon delivery service partner, and drive a company van. Otherwise, they can work part-time as an Amazon Flex driver and use their own vehicles to make deliveries. 


CVS WANTS TO HIRE 50,000 PEOPLE: To apply, click here.

The CVS Health pharmacy chain has 50,000 new jobs to fill in order to meet a surge in demand for medicines and other supplies during the epidemic. The company is looking for store clerks, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and customer service pros. Interviews will be conducted over the internet.


Pizza Hut: To apply, click here. 

Pizza Hut has 30,000 permanent jobs open, with delivery drivers particularly needed. The pizza chain is using a “contactless” delivery system to drop off orders. There’s particularly hot demand from cooped-up families for the Big Dipper, a two-foot-long pizza.


Walmart: To apply, click here. 

Here are some of the roles where Walmart is adding staff:

Cashiers and front end: These employees primarily scan items and work the cash registers, though they must also be available to help employees across the store as needed. "The pace can be intense," according to Walmart. "There are times when you have to juggle several tasks in a short amount of time while helping customers: scan items, explain a price, bag items properly, count cash back, and keep your area clean."

Stocker, backroom, and receiving employees: These jobs may involve unloading delivery trucks, sorting goods in the backroom, and stocking shelves while helping customers. "From hot trucks in the summer to filling ice cream in the freezer, this fast-paced job can be physically demanding," according to Walmart.

Fulfillment and distribution warehouses: Duties at these warehouses include loading and unloading trucks and transporting packages in facilities that may be more than one million square feet. Accounting for new pay increases lasting through Memorial Day, roles at distribution centers now start between $17 and $18 per hour and roles at fulfillment centers now start between $15 and $19 per hour. 


Good Luck to all, and as always STAY SAFE! <3