Kendrick Lamar Shuts Down Fan For Using N-Word

Fan gets the boot off stage after using n-word

May 22, 2018

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Kendrick Lamar did not hesitate to give fan, Becky, the boot off stage after she says n-word during one of his songs. 

He invited a fan on stage to help rap M.A.A.D City with him, but things went south after a fan wasn't smart enough to skip a part of the song that says "my ni**a". After it happened three times, Kendrick stopped the fan. She replied, "Am I not cool enough for you? What's up bro?" He then told her she needed to bleep out a word, so she tried again. She almost made the same mistake and when he noticed, he gave her the boot off the stage. Her reasoning behind the slip up was "I'm use to singing it like you wrote it". 

Come on Becky, that's a no no.....