Mariah Carey's Ex-Manager Going After Evidence of Drug Abuse, Mariah Refuses to Hand Over Medical Records

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April 9, 2019

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Mariah can't seem to catch a break when it comes to ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov.  

The Grammy Award singer is saying NO to handing over her medical records to former manager, Stella,  who is just looking for evidence of drug and alcohol abuse. Mariah is claiming that Stella is only seeking these records to humiliate her and expose her. 

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The singer says, “Bulochnikov, a former trusted manager of Mariah, has doggedly sought to draw Mariah into a legally meritless fight in an outrageous attempt to harass and embarrass Mariah, to violate Mariah’s privacy and to use Mariah’s confidential information concerning her health to leverage a favorable settlement. Bulochnikov’s tactics are violative.”

Mariah is demanding the court sanction Stella to the tune of $10,215.