The Maury Game: You Are NOT The Father

The results are in

November 5, 2019

Based on the popular paternity test episodes of the long-running American TV talk show, The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father recreates all the ourtageous  drama you'd expect as 2-6 players attempt to prove that they are not the father of a fictional child.

Each player starts the game with their own DNA test results envelope that contains two "You Are NOT the Father" cards and one "You ARE the Father" card. At the end of the game, one of those cards will be pulled at random from your envelope. If the "You ARE the Father" card is pulled, you lose and everyone else wins.

Players take turns playing argument cards to dissing their opponents, gain popularity with the audience, or add additional "You Are Not the Father" cards to their DNA test results envelope. The goal is to NOT pull the card: "You ARE the Father" at the end of the game. 

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