Wendy Williams' Staff Outraged Over Nick Cannon Replacement

Nick Cannon takes over Wendy Williams Show

February 6, 2019

Wendy Williams' staff is outraged with her and calling her a hypocrite. 

Nick Canon has been enlisted to take over The Wendy Williams' show during her hiatus; however, her staff is upset by what he said yesterday during the show. Her staff is calling her a hypocrite after Nick Cannon shared that he had an intimate conversation with Wendy and is excited to step in and help her during this time. 

Her staff feels they've been left in the dark about the whole situation and are concerned with their paychecks.....

"Many of us have been here since the early days, and it's a complete joke to be kept in the dark like this," one staff member said. "How could she be so selfish? We all rely on this paycheck." 

"I mean, please. She has made a fortune from tearing people down. However, when it comes to her own life, it's all a secret," they said. "Imagine if this was another celebrity living their life like she does. She'd be sipping the tea and talking about it on Hot Topics every damn day. She's such a hypocrite."

"She's managed to keep the real reason for her absence a secret, however, you can't leak something that no one knows," the staffer reportedly said. "She'll allegedly pick up the phone for Nick Cannon, but she can't tell us what is going on."