Who Does Wendy Williams Want to Play Her in Upcoming Biopic?

The answer may surprise you!

July 29, 2019

A biopic of Wendy William's life is in the works! 

We will soon learn the rollercoaster of events that shaped Wendy William's life and fame.

No topic will be off-limits and will include sex, cocaine, date rape, and fat-shaming.

The biopic will supposedly be called "Just Wendy," with the screenplay being written by Wendy and Leigh Davenport.

TMZ caught up with Wendy to find out who she'd like the play her. 

According to the talk-show host, she'd prefer it to be "someone unknown."

In her mind, if it's someone well-known, they'll distract from the story she wants to be told. 

Keep your eyes peeled for it to air sometime next year on Lifetime.