Chicagoland-Based Doctor Debunks Coronavirus Myths

Explains Limited Testing; Encourages All To "Calm Down, We're Now Doing What We Should Have Been Doing To Stay Healthy."

March 13, 2020


How come there's not enough COVID-19 testing kits in Chicago, in the United States? 

Is this like the flu? Is it worse? Should I go to the E.R. if I have symptoms? 

What exactly is the makeup of the Coronavirus?

Will the United States have as many cases and deaths as Italy?

How is it that the NBA and Tom Hanks had easy access to COVID-19 tests and not the general public?

Can BLACK PEOPLE catch the 'rona? 

The Ed Lover Morning Show HEARD YOU and we recieved all your questions and concerns, so we called in an expert to debunk myths and clarify what's true and what's not true about COVID-19. 

Dr. Richard Watson has been practing medicine for over ten years in and around the Chicagoland area,  he's a part of the FACEP (Fellow of AMERICAN College of Emergency Physicians) as well as owner of Emerge Med Staffing Physican Group. Check out his responses to YOUR concerns below: 

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