Donnie Wahlberg: "D-Nice Helps Me Shelter-In-Place"

"The Music He Plays Hits In A Way That Takes Me Back To The Good Ol' Days."

May 7, 2020


By now, plenty of people across the country have developed their go-to "thing to do" when in need of peace-of-mind during this COVID-19 outbreak. Some hop on their Peloton bikes, some people hit up virtual happy hours, and some people look up new YouTube tutorials. But while people search for new ways to keep their minds occupied, we all have one thing in common: in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, most of the world has adapted to sheltering-in-place, while the 'old way of life' vastly shifted and forced us to seek out and discover new methods of entertainment. 

With that being said, the "DJ to the stars" famously known as DJ D-Nice is one of plenty of entertainers who was used to navigating the OUTSIDE night life to earn a check; DJing around the world full time and constantly keeping people on their feet with his insane DJ skills. However, all of that changed for him when the Coronavirus started claiming thousands of lives and now everyone from grandmothers and grandfathers, school children, teachers and yes, even DJ's, have to bunker down and shelter-in-place.

But then here comes DJ D-Nice with his "Club Quarantine" save-the-day live DJ sets on Instagram that bring vibrancy and color to these dark times. From Michelle Obama, to Mariah Carey, Will Smith to even New Kids On The Block's own Donnie Wahlberg (and many more celeb check-in's), D-Nice has hit almost half-a-million views during his DJ sets, well over a million in total since he started, and both Ed Lover and Donnie Wahlberg pay homage and credit to the mix-master, as he helps both Ed and Donnie check out from the constant grim coverage of COVID-19.

Take a listen (starts around 1:45): 

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