Ed Lover Gives Out Inside Scoop On Old Jay-Z Lyrics

"I Just Wanna Love U" is a classic but why say lyrics if we don't know what they mean?

June 11, 2018

USA Today


Have you ever caught yourself repeating rap lyrics over and over yet had not the slightest idea what the lyrics your saying referred to or meant? Check out this clip of Ed Lover breaking down a couple bars of Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)," so now when you're rapping at least you know what you're talking about! 


Same song, I'm back, been around the world
Ro-mancing girls that dance with girls
From, Club Cheetah, to Club Amnesia
The Peanuts in L.A., Bubblin' in Dublin
Can't deny me, why would you want to
You need me, why don't you try me
Baby you want to, believe me, Hov'!