[LISTEN] Prayers Up for Former "Yo! MTV Raps!" Co-Host Doctor Dre

Ed Lover Gives Latest Health Update On His "Other Half in TV"

June 29, 2020
Ed Lover x Doctor Dre x Sway Calloway



There are not too many days in the JAMS studio where Ed Lover comes in with a distraught look on his face, head down, eyes slightly red and watery; this morning on the show he delivered some sad news over the airwaves and asked all of his "prayer warrior" fans, family and friends to come together and send love to his former "Yo! MTV Raps!" co-host, Doctor Dre. 

It's no secret that Dre has suffered health issues over the years, including his diabetes diagnosis and as a result, becoming legally blind. But after a recent hospitalization, Doctor Dre caught up with Ed Lover and informed him of some severe health battles he's conquering, and asks for all of his fanbase and listeners to pray for health and healing. 

The Ed Lover Morning Show crew remains positive for Dre and his current health barrier, blessings are soon to come. Click below to check out the latest health update on Doctor Dre and please, send a quick prayer up and wish him a speedy recovery.