"Plandemic" Has Ed Lover & Jen B-T Questioning Everything About COVID-19

Are Americans ready to re-open the economy due to conflicting COVID-19 updates and conspiracy theories?

May 13, 2020


Are we fed up?

Are we tired of NEVER hitting a peak and facing ANOTHER shelter-in-place extension?

Are we tired of the grim updates?

Lastly, are we TIRED of news reports of the Coronavirus death-toll increasing but zero updates on if those who are falling victim to COVID-19 have underlying health issues? 

These are just a few of the many thoughts that are running though Ed Lover and Jen B-T's head following watching the widely popular "PLANDEMIC" Vimeo video that has since been completely SCRUBBED from the internet. Weird, right? Conspiracy theories have flooded the web but what Ed Lover can't wrap his mind around is exactly how many people who have succomed to COVID-19 have actual underlying health issues, AND, are doctors really "allegedly" coding recent deaths as "COVID-19 related" to get a bigger pay check? Credible sources say: patients who are put on a ventilator following being diagnosed with COVID-19, end up putting more money in doctor's pockets.  Is COVID-19 some type of big pharma secret plan that risked the lives of millions, but sacraficed the lives of hundreds of thousands to generate MORE revenue for big business and big pharma? AND, was the actual virus "leaked" from Wuhan, China, where scientists and reseachers were originally containing the virus? One can't help but question all of the conspiracy theories that are out there, however - can there some validity to them? Here what Ed and Jen had to say about it.