Wack Or Nah: Rihanna To Sue Father Over "Fenty" Name

"Morally...we're supposed to Honor Thy Mother and Father..."

January 16, 2019


Media outlets have reported recently that Rihanna is set to take her own father, Robert Fenty and his company, "Fenty Entertainment" to court over allegedly capitolizing over her Fenty trademark. Sources say Rihanna is accusing him of exploiting the family name for money and according to the lawsuit, she claims her father and his business partner, Moses Jordan Perkins, falsely advertised themselves as her reps and scheduled a $15 million tour overseas, plus some shows in the U.S. including a near million-dollar deal Vegas stop, without her consent. 

So - yes - it's obviously dirty for her father to do shady business without Rih's consent - however - when it comes to suing over the "family name" - um, there would be NO "Rihanna" NOR "FENTY" last name period without her father.

NOW let's take this to CHURCH!

Ed Lover brings up biblical context: spiritually, we're supposed to "honor thy mother and thy father." Although we don't know what's going on when it comes to Rih's father/daughter relationship, but is- taking your own father to court to sue him over his last name - who literally had the FENTY NAME before Rihanna was born - the best road to take? ON THE CONTRARY - without her consent at all? What kind of father does that? This is a classic case of money being the "root of all evil."


Check out Ed Lover and Jen B-T's POV on the matter below.