Are You More Worried About Your Health or the Economy Right Now??

President Trump Wants Businesses To Re-Open Despite Medical Expert's Warning

March 25, 2020
Chicago Businesses


President Donald Trump says there will be "suicides by the thousands" if the nation continues social distancing and Americans remain out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic. Just this past Tuesday on Fox News, Trump said:

"We can social distance ourselves and go to work." 

Trump also passionately said he wants the economy opened up and "raring to go by Easter." But, isn't that a little soon?

Public health experts have said easing restrictions too early could put an huge strain on hospitals and lead to even more deaths and economic damage, but Trump is eager to have businesses back open by April 12th, Easter Sunday, when he "would like to see churches full of people," even as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

The Ed Lover Morning Show took this topic to the phones on a We Wanna Know Wednesday and asked the people of Chicago: Economy v. Health - do you agree with Ed Lover or President Trump? Should businesses open back up DESPITE COVID-19 warning from doctor's and medical professionals?

Check out what the people said below: