Chicago Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving

Leave the stress & mess, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day dinner out & about!

November 20, 2018

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By: Kimmie Caruba

Listen, not all of us enjoy entertaining. And not all of us are great cooks. So instead of working yourself up, why not make Thanksgiving dinner easy, enjoyable & guaranteed to be great -- by letting the food pros handle the turkey. 

These Chicago restaurants will be open Thanksgiving Day so you don't need to worry about over-cooking the turkey.

Tavern on Rush

Not only can you get the traditional Thanksgiving foods, but big enough parties can even enjoy a meal family-style! It's like you're at home... but no washing dishes! 


They will also have family-style dining options for Thanksgiving Day, but if turkey really isn't your thing... have no fear! They have other delicious options available (as always).

RPM Steak

The restaurant will be serving a special Thanksgiving Dinner BUT will also have some of their signature entrées available to order to enjoy with your Thanksgiving feast!

Hub 51

Thanksgiving Day BUFFET!! Okay, at home it's always a buffet but even so, this is a buffet with no cleanup and arguably extra options!

Shaw's Crab House

Shaw's will also have a mouth-watering buffet with all of your Thanksgiving favorites! Oh, with a side of crab legs, obviously. 

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner on the Mag Mile!! Did we mention their menu includes oyster mushroom stuffing?!?

Booth One

Prepare yourself for a multi-course meal if you plan on dining at Booth One! Starting with charcuterie and ending with pie, the menu for Thanksgiving Day sounds amazing!!!

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