Kel Mitchell Says He Was Starstruck by Aaliyah & TLC

They were All That!

June 12, 2019

"All That" saw a wide-range of impressive musical guests. 

98 Degrees, Spice Girls, NAS, Destiny's Child, Outkast were some of the big names that hit the Nickelodeon stage during the show's heyday. 

But none of those had as big of an impact on Kel Mitchell, one half of Kenan and Kel famous for their "Good Burger" sketch-turned-movie. 

During a chat with Ed Lover, Kel revealed that he was most starstruck by Aaliyah and TLC. 

TLC was the show's first-ever musical guests. They performed "What About Your Friends" in 1994 and were even responsible for the iconic "All That" theme-song. 

Aaliyah also performed her hit "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" on the show in 1994. 

"We were TLC fans," Kel said adding that still remain good friends to this day. 

"When Aaliyah came, it was great to have someone that spent some time in Chicago. We were talking about food and all that stuff in the Chi," he said. 

"We took a picture that's iconic now, every time it's Aaliyah's birthday everybody posts the picture," he said before raving about how awesome Aaliyah was. 

The reboot of "All That" premieres June 15th and they're going to continue with the impressive musical guests. 

The Jonas Brothers will be hitting the stage during the premiere and even talked their way into a "Good Burger" sketch.