Kenan and Kel Are Down to do Another "Good Burger"

Let's make this happen ASAP.

June 12, 2019

Kel Mitchell stopped by our sister station 1043 JAMS and during the interview, Ed Lover asked him all about the upcoming reboot of "All That," which premieres June 15th and will feature a performance by the Jonas Brothers. 

After broaching the topic of "All That" the convo naturally lent itself to Kel's infamous "Good Burger." 

Kel admitted that he'd be mostly working behind-the-scenes of the new reboot but, on occasion, would reprise some of his old and beloved sketches. 

But what about partner-in-crime Kenan Thompson?

Ed pointed out that Kenan's is wrapping up the season of 'SNL' and would have some free time on his hands. 

"We doing it," Kel said. "We had meetings, and me and Kenan are down."

While the stars of the iconic film may be ready they still have to wait for a green-light from the higher-ups. 

In case anyone is asking, we're also ready for this to finally happen! 

Watch the interview in the player above!