Marlon Wayans Talks Difficulties of Playing Six Characters on 'Sextuplets'

Playing six characters singlehandedly wasn't even the hardest part of the gig!

August 20, 2019

Marlon Wayans stopped by the 1043 JAMS BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage to discuss his new movie 'Sextuplets.'

In the Netflix comedy, out now, Wayans plays not one, not two but SIX siblings.

That's a huge feat for even the most accomplished actor or comedian. 

But Wayans admits that the difficult part wasn't in creating dynamic multiple characters singlehandedly but rather, the process that it took to prepare each character.


"The hard part was the seven hours of makeup. After seven hours of makeup, I would work 18-hours after that," he said adding that it takes an additional hour to take the makeup off. 

"Then, I would go home, I would sleep for two-and-a-half hours, I would have to get back to work to repeat the same thing," he said. 

If you're exhausted just reading that, Wayans had to repeat the process for 50-days.

What made the situation even harder? He had on at least 50 pounds of makeup at any given time and they shot in sweltering Atlanta aka 'Hotlanta.'

Ladies, you know how much makeup setting spray is needed to keep that much makeup on. 

We wouldn't be surprised if we never saw him putting on makeup for another role again. 

That is until production on White Chicks 2 begins. 

Watch the hilarious interview in the player above.