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George Floyd

George Floyd's Brother Calls For Peace Among Everyone

George Floyd's brother calls for peace. George Floyd's brother, Terrence Floyd, went yesterday to the site on a Minneapolis street where his brother died, and made an emotional plea for peace, saying violence and destruction is, quote, "not going to bring my brother back." Floyd said, "Let’s switch... Read More
grab and go food

CPS Grab & Go Meals For Distribution Will Start Back Up TODAY

Chicago Public Schools decided to resume meal distribution today (Tuesday) after a day-long suspension Monday because of safety concerns surrounding looting and protests around the city. The CEO of CPS says, “The decision to temporarily suspend meal distribution for a day was a difficult one to... Read More

Floyd Mayweather Will Pay For George Floyd's Funeral Costs

The legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather, offered to pay for all of George Floyd's funeral services after learning the CEO of his music label grew up with George Floyd in Texas. Floyd's family announced there will be services held in Minneapolis, North Carolina, and Houston. The Fort Ben Memorial... Read More
Protesting in Chicago

This Is Why We Are Protesting.

"Our country is at a boiling point over the crisis of racism and police brutality." - Shaun King, Civil Rights Activist Open your eyes. There have been too many instances across the "Land of the Free," the United States of America, where a constant abuse of power against people of color is... Read More

Screaming Is No Longer Allowed On Roller Coasters?

Get ready for new Coronavirus guidelines........ No Screaming on roller coasters at Tokyo Disneyland and other parks Imagine being told to stay quiet at the Happiest Place on Earth - not even screaming on roller coasters! Those are the new guidelines for Tokyo Disneyland and other amusement parks... Read More