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Are You More Worried About Your Health or the Economy Right Now??

President Donald Trump says there will be "suicides by the thousands" if the nation continues social distancing and Americans remain out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic. Just this past Tuesday on Fox News, Trump said: "We can social distance ourselves and go to work." Trump also... Read More
Delivering Packages

Should We Disinfect our Mail and Packages?

Medical professionals have confirmed that COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days without proper cleaning and sanitizing. Officials say that particularly steel or metal surfaces are where the virus can last the longest. According to USA Today: Airborne droplets... Read More

What Does "Flatten The Curve" Mean?

You're starting to see it everywhere. Signs in elevators, ordering a rideshare, on billboards, street signs and even popping up on cell phone apps like Tik Tok, Tinder or the Nike app: #FLATTENTHECURVE. What exactly does "Flatten The Curve" mean outside of just knowing that this new motto can help... Read More

HIRING: Here's a List of Companies Hiring Immediately

Our hearts go out to all of those whose jobs were affected by the Coronavirus. Here is a list of companies that are hiring immediately. Amazon: To apply, click here. Here's a breakdown of the three categories where Amazon is focusing its hiring: Warehouses: These positions are stationed at Amazon... Read More

Did The Disney Movie "Tangled" Predict Coronavirus? We Think So...

Many Disney fans think the movie Tangled may have predicted the Coronavirus and the importance of self-isolation. In 2010, Disney released the movie Tangled , a new version of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is locked away in a tower in the village of.... now get ready for this.... 'Corona.' To refresh your... Read More
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Take Free Ivy League Online Courses During Quarantine

While practicing #SocialDistancing during this pandemic, what better way to improve and empower yourself with FREE IVY LEAGUE ONLINE COURSES ? Since we're under quarantine, why not spend this time learning something we've always wanted to learn or exploring something completely new? All eight... Read More

This Couple Just Had A Coronavirus Wedding

Lots of events are being cancelled due to the Coronavirus but for this couple, the virus was not going to stop this couple from getting married. The couple still had their wedding down in New Orleans while taking necessary steps in being safe- including wearing masks during their first kiss. Talk... Read More