EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J Confirms Faith Evans Engagement

Recently, TMZ reported that Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star (and infamous 'playboy') Stevie J secretly married R&B sensation Faith Evans in Las Vegas. No one had a solid confirmation - but of course - expect the Ed Lover to confirm it, as he shared on-air details of his FaceTime call with the...
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Should We Forgive Roseanne Barr?

Michael B. Jordan made it known that he does NOT take to heart Roseanne Barr's latest apology. During his acceptance speech at the MTV Music and TV awards for "Best Villian," MBJ shifted the focus from him to her, saying he thought Roseanne had best villian in the bag ( case you missed it,...
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Ed Lover Speaks on Passing of XXXtentacion

The murder of 20-year-old rapper XXXtentacion struck a nerve with 104-3 Jams morning host Ed Lover, so we cracked open the mic early to advise the youth (especially young rappers) to be careful and more cautious with social media. From consistently posting live locations (not safe) to flexing and...
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TRENDING: Is Beyonce Still A Positive Role Model?

And just like that, Beyonce and Jay-Z yet again break the internet with a suprise joint album titled "Everything Is Love," which was revealed to the world via jumbo tron in London, England during their "On The Run II" tour stop over the weekend. Ed played a clip of their first single "Ape Sh**"...
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Your Kid's Summer Camp Shouldn't Cost More Than Your Mortgage

Summer Break is HERE and Ed Lover's morning show co-host Jen BT dropped heavy info on Ed that took his breath away: that she paid almost a whopping $4,000 for her three-year-old son's summer camp this year! "That's more than a MORTGAGE!" ... says Ed Lover. This amount literally blew Ed's mind so of...
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