Twitter Announces 'Voice Tweets'

Twitter has announced "voice tweets". Users can now record up to 40 seconds of audio & post it to their feed. Twitter announced this feature will "create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers". You can Tweet a Tweet. But now you can Tweet your voice! Rolling out today on iOS,...
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Tupac Shakur from the film Poetic Justice.

Ed Lover Asks Listeners Which Rappers Would Not Have A Career If Tupac Would Have Lived

As we remember Tupac on what would have been his 49th birthday, we posed a question to our audience. We asked our callers which rappers would have have had a career if Tupac was STILL alive. Here's what they has to say.....
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Spike Lee

Spike Lee Promotes New Movie "5 Bloods" & Talks About Recent Protests Following The Death Of George Floyd

Academy Award Winner, Spike Lee, joined the Ed Lover Morning Show to discuss his new movie "5 Bloods" that is available to stream starting on Netflix TODAY. This movie follows Vietnam War veterans. This movie highlights the fight black veterans of the Vietnam War, both on the country grounds and...
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Snoop Dogg Says He Will Vote For The First Time Ever This Year

Snoop said he didn’t vote in the past because he was under the mistaken impression he couldn’t vote because of past felonies. But his criminal record has been expunged, and he said he wants to set an example by voting in the upcoming fall election. “I ain’t never voted a day in my life, but this...
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Angela Rye

Guest Angela Rye Explains Racial Injustice & Why People Are Protesting/Looting For Those Who Don't Understand

Angela Rye is an attorney, political CNN commentator, NPR political analyst, podcaster & CEO of Impact Strategies , a political advocacy firm. She served as the executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus. PERSPECTIVE: WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THERE TO BE CHANGE/POLICE...
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George Floyd

George Floyd's Brother Calls For Peace Among Everyone

George Floyd's brother calls for peace. George Floyd's brother, Terrence Floyd, went yesterday to the site on a Minneapolis street where his brother died, and made an emotional plea for peace, saying violence and destruction is, quote, "not going to bring my brother back." Floyd said, "Let’s switch...
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grab and go food

CPS Grab & Go Meals For Distribution Will Start Back Up TODAY

Chicago Public Schools decided to resume meal distribution today (Tuesday) after a day-long suspension Monday because of safety concerns surrounding looting and protests around the city. The CEO of CPS says, “The decision to temporarily suspend meal distribution for a day was a difficult one to...
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Floyd Mayweather Will Pay For George Floyd's Funeral Costs

The legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather, offered to pay for all of George Floyd's funeral services after learning the CEO of his music label grew up with George Floyd in Texas. Floyd's family announced there will be services held in Minneapolis, North Carolina, and Houston. The Fort Ben Memorial...
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Kim Foxx

State's Attorney, Kim Foxx, Speaks On The Protests & Where It Went South

State's Attorney for Cook County, Illinois , Kim Foxx, joined The Ed Lover Morning Show to discuss the recent protests to honor George Floyd. The senseless murder of George Floyd has America outraged. What started as a peaceful protest, turned violent over the weekend, but WHY ? Ed Lover asks Foxx...
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Chicago Police

Chicago Police Now Work 12 Hour Shifts - All Days Off Cancelled Until Further Notice

With more protests scheduled for Chicago, police are looking to protect businesses and residents in different areas of the city. According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, all days off have been canceled and officers will be working extra shifts. According to an email circulated to...
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