Chris Brown performs at the 2017 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Chris Brown Wants to Shoot His Shot at Cardi B

Chris and Cardi? It has a nice ring to it. Now that Cardi is single, Chris is dying to shoot his shot with her. He loves her music, he thinks shes gorgeous, and now that Offset is gone, he plans to try and make her his girl. Sources close to the singer say he will soon be liking her pictures and...
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Kevin Hart Steps Down From Hosting Oscars

Kevin Hart announced that he is stepping down from hosting the Oscars after anti-gay tweets surfaced from almost 10 year ago. He went onto Instagram and posted a video apologizing for the tweets. He also publicly tweeted an apology to the LGBT community. He said, “Guys, I’m nearly 40 years old. If...
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Chicago Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving

By: Kimmie Caruba Listen, not all of us enjoy entertaining. And not all of us are great cooks. So instead of working yourself up, why not make Thanksgiving dinner easy, enjoyable & guaranteed to be great -- by letting the food pros handle the turkey. These Chicago restaurants will be open...
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Chicago Area Stores OPEN Thanksgiving Day 2018

By: Kimmie Caruba For some, it's tradition to shop Thanksgiving night. If you are one of those people (or you know someone) these stores WILL be open Turkey Day for all of your shopping needs, wants and desires. Best Buy: Open 5 PM to 1 AM Big Lots: Open 7 AM to Midnight Cabela’s: Open 8 AM to 6 PM...
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Chicago Area Stores CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day 2018

By: Kimmie Caruba If you have to travel for Thanksgiving, then you probably appreciate the barista that came to work that morning so you can get caffeine for your long day. Can you imagine visiting the family you only see once or twice a year before grabbing your cup of joe? But you probably also...
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6 Chicago Holiday 5K Runs for Your Whole Family

Tis the season to grab the whole family and register for a 5K holiday-themed run/walk! Maybe you've never participated in one before and are looking to impress yourself by the end of the year. Maybe you just need to get moving before you scarf down all the delicious food. Whatever your motivation...
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Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) during the Summer Sixteen tour at United Center on October 5, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois.

Drake Shares Photo of Bras Girls Have Thrown at Him on Stage

Usually, throwing things on stage at an artist is shamed upon. This time it looks like it's ok as long as it's a bra according to Drake. The rapper shared a photo on his Instagram of a collection of bras that fans have thrown at him with the caption "collector". Collector A post shared by...
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Cardi B Drops Mad Cash on House For Her Mom

Cardi B showed her mom a lot of love by buying her a brand new house in New York. She posted a video on her Instagram doing a walkthrough of the beautiful house. The house was over $600k, and she revealed how far she's come along within the last year. She shares that she wanted to buy her mom a...
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Fan Fakes What to Get Mariah Carey's Attention?!

Mariah Carey was a guest on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live and a fan confessed something shocking to her. He confessed that he FAKED a proposal to get her attention. It definitley worked because she then invited them backstage for a meet and greet moment. A fan confesses to Mariah Carey that...
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Snoop Dogg Receives Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame

Congrats Snoop! Snoop was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday just days before his 25th anniversary of the release of his debut album "Doggystyle" After he thanked his friends and family for his success, he thanked himself. "I want to thank me for believing in me," he said. "I...
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