Find Out What Jen BT's Son Ordered On Amazon & How Much it Cost

"Insert facepalm here" Why does Jen's son know how to do this?! Jen, please create a passcode for your electronics!
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Mary J. Blige arrives at the 90th Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre.

Mary J. Blige To Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary J. Blige has been KILLING the game for over 25 years. In return for gracing us with her amazing music, she is being honored with a lifetime achievement award at this year's BET Awards. The awards take place on June 23, and the ceremony will be hosted by actress Regina Hall and features...
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Kel Mitchell Says He Was Starstruck by Aaliyah & TLC

"All That" saw a wide-range of impressive musical guests. 98 Degrees, Spice Girls, NAS, Destiny's Child, Outkast were some of the big names that hit the Nickelodeon stage during the show's heyday. But none of those had as big of an impact on Kel Mitchell, one half of Kenan and Kel famous for their...
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Kenan and Kel Are Down to do Another "Good Burger"

Kel Mitchell stopped by our sister station 1043 JAMS and d uring the interview, Ed Lover asked him all about the upcoming reboot of "All That," which premieres June 15th and will feature a performance by the Jonas Brothers. After broaching the topic of "All That" the convo naturally lent itself to...
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Ed Sheeran's All Male Verison of "Lady Marmalade"

Ed Sheeran wanted to do an all-male version of "Lady Marmalade", so he did.....
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LOS ANGELES - JUNE 24: Nicki Minaj performs on the 2018 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Nicki Minaj Drops Out of Chris Brown Concert

Just a few months ago Chris Brown announced a tour to promote his new album coming out and teased that it would be with none other than Nicki Minaj. When the official promo came out for the concert, Nicki Minaj's name was NOWHERE to be found. Fans were left so confused and wondering what happened...
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Jen BT Wants to Chop ALL of Her Hair Off

Jen BT always comes to work with her hair in a bun. It's cute, but she wants to be able to actually wash, blow-dry, and style her hair. She feels like she can't...... Find out why......
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Ed Lover Remembers Bushwick Bill

We lost a hip hop legend this week, and Ed Lover took the time to pay his respect to Bushwick Bill. R.I.P. Take a listen....
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Jennifer Lopez Brings Daughter On Stage For Duet

Jennifer Lopez's daughter came to slay with the vocals during Jlo's "It's My Party Tour". Last month Jlo posted a video of Emme singing and fans were in awe. Many commented saying she definitely has her Dad’s voice. Jlo asked her daughter if she wanted to come out and perform something during the...
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Instagram Introduces New Lyrics Feature for Stories

Instagram just got a new feature and we are all for it! Instagram Stories have become increasingly more interactive lately, having recently welcomed features like Polls, Quizzes, and Music Stickers. Now, Instagram rolled out a feature that allows users to bring song lyrics to life, allowing for...
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