Dr. Khare Talks To The Ed Lover Morning Show About Medical Practices Amid COVID19

Dr. Khare is the CEO and founder of Innovative Care which is a group of medical practices changing the way healthcare is delivered throughout Chicago. He is an epidemiologist who is currently doing COVID-19 testing right now. In the first part, the questions that are answered... 1. What are you...
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Ed Lover Gives His Tips On Working From Home

Everyone could use some tips about working from home. Check some out from Ed Lover.
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Terri Vanover, A Couple Strategist Helping Couples Survive and Thrive During Quarantine

Terrie Vanover is known as a “Couples Strategist,” helping couples in crisis. Vanover is an author, presenter, and life coach that helps women create amazing lives following divorce. She is the founder of Choosing to Rise, LLC. She is on a mission to support families reconnect with their best to...
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Dr. Oz Tells Us How To Safely and Effectively Clean Groceries After Bringing Them Home

Going out & braving the grocery stores is just HALF the battle. We have to keep in mind that germs stick and travel with items. Because of this, we have to safely & effectively unpack & clean our groceries after bringing them home from the grocery store. Dr. Oz gives us some tips and...
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4 Year Old Girl Loses It After Finding Out Restaurants Are Closed Due To COVID-19

This little girl completely loses it when her mom tells her that she will cook dinner for her since all her favorite restaurants are closed due to Coronavirus. Video of Cute girl crying and fighting with her mother after listening all Restaurants closed due to Corona
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We Could Be Running Out of Condoms Due to Coronavirus

The world’s biggest creator of condoms warned of a global shortage as supply falls by almost 50% while its stockpile is set to last for just another two months. Condoms could also get much more expensive, he warned. “We are still paying all our worker's full salaries but workers only come in half...
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Lori Lightfoot

2,000 Chicagoans Will Get $1,000 In Rent Relief Mayor Says

Half of the grants will be awarded through a lottery and half will be distributed by nonprofit groups working in the neighborhoods, officials said. April 1st is right around the corner and thousands are unemployed because of coronavirus, so Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a plan to give some...
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Now Open

Trump Wants Country Opened Up By Easter Despite Advisory From Health Experts

President Trump says there will be "suicides by the thousands" if the nation continues social distancing and Americans remain out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump said, "We can social distance ourselves and go to work." He wants the economy opened up and "raring to go by Easter."...
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What Does "Flatten The Curve" Mean?

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WATCH: Woman Uses Bathroom While On Video Conference Call

What can go wrong with working from home right? A woman accidentally filmed herself using the bathroom while on a multi-person conference call and well, the reactions are expected... Check it out below... Video of Video Conference Gone Wrong - EPIC FAIL
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