Eminem Lets Get Wild

NEW: Eminem "Lets Get Wild" (NICK CANNON DISS)

*NSFW* Here we go. #RIPNick is trending now....hahahaa Eminem just dropped this an hour ago. Video of ‪Eminem “Lets Get Wild" (Nick Cannon Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)‬
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Tupac Prison Polaroid

Tupac Polaroids from Prison to be auctioned

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'I'm Santa Claus': Parents Outraged After Stranger Taunts Little Girl Through Hacked Camera

For kids, it doesn't get more holly and jolly than Santa Claus. But one little girl was shaken after a chilling encounter with a voice in her room who claimed to be St. Nick. This is what happened when a man spoke to a girl through a hacked Ring camera in her bedroom, according to TODAY . The LeMay...
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Company Gives Employees $10 Million in 'Life-Changing' Holiday Bonuses

Christmas came early for the employees of St. John’s Properties. The commercial real estate company’s founder, Edward St. John, surprised his 198 employees with a $10 million bonus during their annual holiday party, reported CNN . It’s our honor to publicly announce that a $10 mil bonus will be...
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Say That Again! The Most Mispronounced Words of 2019

A nuclear disaster, a presidential candidate and an outspoken teenager were just a few of the hardest words to pronounce in America this year. Language learning app Babbel came up with the list of frequently butchered terms by working with the US Captioning Company, which subtitles all real-time...
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J. Lo Hustlers Panel

Pilot asks everyone on board to Watch 'Hustlers'

Yes!!!!! Except, sometimes it gets uncomfy on flights when you watch "racy" movies. I mean, kids, and other people looking to see what you're watching, etc. That's why I steer away from Magic Mike on my in flight on demand screen. HAHAHAHAH Check out the "Super Fan" that requested the pilot to make...
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Women Who Exercise May Live Longer, Study Says

A new study has found that women who exercise vigorously appear to live longer, reported “ Today .” Women who exercise appear to live longer, study finds — TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 9, 2019 More specifically, physically active women had less of a chance of dying from heart...
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Maryland Company gives $50k Holiday bonus to employees

St. Johns Properties in Baltimore, Maryland, surprised 198 employees with a $10 Million Dollar bonus to share amongst theirselves. TIME TO RELOCATE!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. This is awesome. Happy Holidays, hopefully your turn is next ;) WHAT A SURPRISE! A group of 198 employees moved to tears after learning...
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Arizona Man Registers Bees as Service Animals

An Arizona man is causing a sting for his service animal. David Keller thinks people are taking advantage of the relative ease it is to declare a pet as a service animal, so he registered a swarm of bees to prove his point, according to the New York Post. Arizona man registers swarm of bees as...
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ATTENTION: UPS Drivers to hold a moment of silence today

If you see a UPS Truck with its hazzards on at 5pm EST (4pm CST) today, it's a moment of silence to honor one of their drivers that was killed on Thursday when hijacked. #RIPFrank If you are able to safely participate in the planned moment of silence tomorrow at 5pm EST, do it for #FRANK pic...
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