WARNING: Coyotes Spotted on the Northside

Authorites are saying to close lids to garbage cans/dumpsters tightly. If you have small pets don't let them out alone, and keep them on a tight leash like your boyfriend. Video of Coyote Spotted In Lincoln Park Neighborhood MORE HERE:
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oscar meyer

Weinermobile Drivers Wanted: Oscar Meyer is hiring in CHI

It's your lucky day!!! Oscar Meyer is hiring Weinermobile drivers for 2020. The competition is fierce tho! Last year 7,000 applicants, and only 12 hired! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Video of The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile: Who Drives It? | A GP Short
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Newlyweds Flip a Coin To Decide Whose Last Name To Take

A Florida bride and groom have started their marriage by leaving their surname up to chance. Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward waited until they were at the altar to let a coin toss decide whose name they would both take going forward, reported the Tallahassee Democrat . At the altar, the couple flipped a...
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Michael Jordan Bulls

Michael Jordan: The Last Dance (Coming in June)

It's Happening!!! Can't wait for this to drop. ESPN tweeted that June is the official date of "The Last Dance" featuring the GOAT, Michael Jordan. Check out the tweet below: IT'S HAPPENING -- #TheLastDance | Coming in June — ESPN (@espn) December 24, 2019
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5-Year-Old Flips Bird to the Audience for 20 Minutes During Nativity Play

A little girl dressed as an angel had her finger on the pulse of her school play. Ella Legge caused a sensation after a hangnail had her accidentally flip the bird to parents and other members of the audience of the school’s nativity play. Sweet angel in nativity play accidentally flips off...
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WTF? Skydiver eats Burger King mid-jump!

Can we be friends or nah? Anyone that can eat while doing extreme sports, or skydiving, is a friend of mine. Check out this video! If you have ever been skydiving, you will respect this "Burger Jump" even more! Video of GoPro MAX, Skydive Rodeo, Burger King's IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER.
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CDC: Puppies May Be Making People Sick

While you may be tempted to hug and kiss every puppy you come across, you may want to hold off on all that puppy love for now. 2019 is ending on a bit of a sad note as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the public against the cutest of culprits: puppies. OUTBREAK NOTICE: 30 people...
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Amazon’s Alexa Will Help You Change Subjects to Avoid Family Arguments on Christmas

Alexa is coming to your rescue this holiday season. Amazon’s smart speakers have a new feature called “distraction technique,” which means the virtual assistant will intervene when things get a little heated during the holidays. In short, Alexa will be on hand and ready to break up any arguments...
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Gross School Experiment Shows Students the Effects of Not Washing Their Hands

A school has used moldy bread to show its students how important it is to wash your hands. The month-long classroom experiment was carried out by two teachers at Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, Idaho just as the height of flu season was set to begin, reported “Today.” Gross! School...
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This Painful Toilet Is Designed to Maximize Office Productivity

A startup company wants to flush your bathroom breaks down the drain. In an effort to cut down the time employees spend sitting in a stall, a British firm has come up with a toilet that’s tilted at a lower angle to make long periods on the porcelain throne uncomfortable, reported the New York Post...
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