Nicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls Reunit

PCD still got it! The Pussycat Dolls reunited after years of rumors. They were on X-Factor in the UK. Check out the performance below Video of The Pussycat Dolls REUNITE and perform new song 'React'! | Final | X Factor: Celebrity Also, #PCDReunion Tour (Unfinsihed Business) is set...
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WATCH: GoT deleted scenes from Season 8

This is one of many deleted scenes released with The Game Of Thrones, Season 8 Home Release .... enjoy!!! Video of Game of Thrones Season 8 Deleted Scenes - All in one FULL ARTICLE HERE:
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Hidden Camera

VIDEO: Dog Walker caught stealing on Camera

The dogs were like, WTF???? That's insane. Can't trust anybody these days!!! Be careful of who you hire to walk your dogs. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY Dear @WagWalking , this is your @WagWalking employee stealing from my home. Please kindly respond to my email dated November 17, 2019. #thief #...
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Akon is building his own city

Imagine having enough money, to BUILD YOUR OWN CITY. Akon does. He has always been way ahead of his times. "Akon City" has already started to build out...won't be complete for 10 years. Real Airport, and renewable energy. MORE BELOW: In The Next 10 Years, Akon Will Complete His Own City https://t...
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The Catch and Kill Podcast: Q&A with Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author, joined KYW Newsradio’s Reporters Roundup to preview his new podcast, “The Catch and Kill Podcast.” Over two years, Farrow investigated and uncovered allegations of sexual abuse by the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein...
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Food recalls! Check your GROCERIES

According to the US Dept of Agriculture, some of your Thanksgiving foods might be getting recalled. In IL, lookout for salad, 97K pounds of salad. Also on the list: CHEESE NIPS, Breakstone Cottage Cheese, Cold Smoked Salmon, Pork, Chicken, Beef, and Ground Beef: HERE is a link to be specific >...
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Adorable Video Shows Officer Pull Kids Over in Traffic Stop

You have the right to remain adorable. A police officer in South Florida pulled over two tykes behind the wheel after he caught them “speeding.” Officer Clayton Harris turned on his lights and apprehended the boy and girl, both his kids, in a toy truck. “We know how to drive. Bye-Bye!" -- A Florida...
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2 Big Storms Could Affect Your Thanksgiving Travel

The Thanksgiving travel rush is now underway, as many head off to their holiday destinations. According to AAA , 55.3 million people are expected to drive and take a plane or train during Thanksgiving week. The travel organization is predicting an increase of 1.6 million travelers compared to last...
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Parents Spark Backlash For Giving Baby 'Ridiculous' Blended Last Name

An Australian couple is gaining a lot of attention after making a decision that involves their baby! Both Courtney Cassar and Laura Sheldon decided to give their daughter a last name that is a mashup of both of their last names. Instead of hyphenating both last names, Cassar and Sheldon wanted to...
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Twinkies Cereal! Coming Soon

I love Twinkies!!! This is going to be agame changer for the breakfast world. What other pastry snacks need to be made into cereal? DING DONG'S? How about Zingers???? Twinkies Cereal Will Soon Be in Grocery Stores Nationwide — People (@people) November 13, 2019 FULL STORY:...
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