Diana Steele

Weekdays 10am

From the Chicago Suburbs to Hollywood! Diana Steele grew up in Elk Grove Village, IL and set off for California after graduating from the University of Illinois. She set her sights on radio after interning as a traffic reporter, in Chicago. Diana worked her way through college at K-104 in Champaign-Urbana and the opportunity came to move to California. She quickly made her way into major market stations 106 KMEL, in San Francisco, and 92.3 The BEAT in Los Angeles. "KMEL was the station that put Hip Hop on the map in San Francisco, and KKBT was the station that lit it up in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to really live the hip hop movement in the 90s, when 2pac and Eazy E both had shows on the weekends at The BEAT, and anyone from Rick James to Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson to Jay Z,  and LL Cool J (Yes! lickin his lips) to TLC would walk into the studio.

Diana made the move into television announcing for the Arsenio Hall Show and continues to work as a voice over talent.  When this Capricorn isn't trying to make a dolla outa 15 cents - she is busy being a mom to her two boys and 2 dogs.