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Born and bred Kentuckian, Krista Hayes serves as the Executive Producer for “The Ed Lover Morning Show” on 104-3 Jams, Chicago’s #1 for Throwbacks. She has over a decade of journalism under her belt, writing and editing scripts for TV and online news outlets, entertainment media outlets plus five years of radio experience, starting off as content/news producer for afternoon syndicated personality Michael Baisden on “The Michael Baisden Show.” She was promoted from content producer to executive producer over a two year span, then several years after leaving Baisden Enterprises, she served as executive producer for Ed Lover’s syndicated morning show, “The Ed Lover Show with Monie Love,” based out of Atlanta, GA.  Once granted the opportunity to serve her purpose in Chicago, she left Atlanta and is now currently steering and “running the board” on The Ed Lover Morning Show with Jen B-T. She enjoys quality Kentucky bourbon, UK basketball, spending time with her mom and dad back in her hometown of Lexington, Bible studies and creative writing. 

“Be joyful always. Pray continually.”

Executive Producer The Ed Lover Morning Show

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