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I'm a certified goofball with a big heart.  My real name is Sean, I go by "Sonic" on the radio.  I was given that nickname back in the day when I had really spiky hair, and bright shoes, and looked like "Sonic The Hedgehog". 

I still love a good pair of fresh, bright sneaks.  Half Japanese, Irish and Scottish if you're curious.  I've been on the radio for over a decade, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else in life.  I enjoy good music, laughing, and livin' my best life with you everyday on your way home in the Afternoon.  I'm laid back and a total goofball that loves West Coast Hip Hop with a passion.  Working as a volunteer for the Special Olympics for the past 4 years is one of the best things I've experienced.  Giving back to the community is key.  Everything happens for a reason, and don't take no for an answer.  I'm not hard to find, so let's connect on social media (@SonicOnAir).


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