Ask Ed Lover: Jade from South Loop Pt. 1

Monday, July 13th

Ask Ed Lover: Jade from the South Loop

Dear Ed Lover, Love your show! My name is Jade and I recently moved here from LA. I am a former fitness and Instagram model who moved to Chicago to be with my boyfriend of three years. We’ve been doing the long distance thing and finally, we’re in same city together. And going through COVID-19 quarantine living together, through all the ups and downs, it’s really proven to me that this is the man I love and want to be with forever! But, he has a problem with me still posting my sexy pictures on Instagram. I do a lot of workouts to maintain my figure and of course, my butt is my favorite feature. I love my man, but I love my body too! Help me Ed, should I stop posting my sexy pics on social media?