Ed Speaks On Will.i.am Hip-Hop "Low-Hanging Fruit" Comment

Thursday, December 6th

"The problem with hip-hop is everybody could do it. It doesn’t take much f**king skill right now to make hip-hop. It’s become the lowest-hanging fruit. It’s no longer about Rakim-level, Nas-level, not the deep, metaphorical simile sh**. Out of respect for the Nases of the world, let’s not call it hip-hop. Let’s say that’s rap. But instrumental music is going to be the next biggest shit." - Will.i.am

In a recently released interview with Rolling Stone, the Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am openly stated that he is nota fan at all of today's rap scene. Of course, Ed Lover wouldn't be Ed Lover if he didn't chime in. Check it out...