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Jen B-T's Freaky Phone

Jen B-T's husband found pictures of women's feet AND women in their bikinis on her cell phone. WTF?! Explain yourself, Jen B-T!

Today's Three Random Facts

Did you know, that if a polar bear and a grizzly bear mate, their offspring is called a "pizzy bear." Weird, just like the rest of today's Three Random Facts!

Naughty By Nature

Ed Lover reminisces about a memory with Naughty By Nature that involves fighting, boxer shorts and fan girls. Check it out.

Ratchet Alexa: Jeopardy

Ed Lover asks his Ratchet Alexa: What do you think of Naperville guy breaking the Jeopardy winning streak record? Do you think Ed or Jen could win at Jeopardy...