ed lover


Ed Lover Gives His Tips On Working From Home

Everyone could use some tips about working from home. Check some out from Ed Lover.
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Chicagoland-Based Doctor Debunks Coronavirus Myths

Dr. Richard Watson, Chicago based doctor explains Coronavirus COVID-19 and debunks myths/rumors.
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Actor Winston Duke Reveals Never Before Heard "Black Panther" Exclusives To Ed Lover

He’s hitting the media scene heavy promoting his latest Netflix release with Mark Walhberg, actor Winston Duke (LADIES LOVE WINSTON) stopped by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage at 104-3 Jams to talk never-before-heard “Black Panther” secrets, behind-the scenes agonizing waiting Duke...
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Michael Rapaport

Ed Lover Chats With Michael Rapaport About Biggie Smalls

Michael Rapaport joined Ed Lover at the BCBS Performance Stage to talk about all things from hip hop, to old nicknames, places they grew up, and more. Ed Lover sat down with Michael Rapaport to discuss the history about the Biggie and Tupac drama. Ed Lover dishes on what REALLY went on behind...
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hip hop

Hip Hop 101 With Ed Lover

Our very own Ed Lover is teaching a hip hop 101 class to the kids of Drake Elementary and there's so much the youngins don't know. Hit us up & let us know what should be added to his ciriculum!
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Ed Shares What You SHOULD Be Doing In 2020

It's a new year & Ed Lover has some advice for you.
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Drops Trailer For New Christmas Documentary

It's not Christmas yet, but the Queen of Christmas has a present for us! “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was also the most-streamed holiday single in the US on Amazon Music in 2017 and 2018. And on Thanksgiving this year, “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey hit No. 1 on Amazon Music...
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Mario reveals What Childhood Mentor Saved His Life

Ed Lover asks Mario when was the moment he KNEW he could sing.... Find out that moment above....
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Mario Says Why He Wouldn't Participate In Love and Hip-Hop

Mario discusses WHY he didn't have an interest in making an appearance in Love and Hip Hop.
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Tekashi 6ix9ine Drags Ed Lover While On The Stand

Tekashi went on the stand during his latest court appearance and put Ed Lover on blast. Take a listen.... Ed Lover wants our listeners to know this is bullsh*t.
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