Hip hop

Should We Forgive Roseanne Barr?

Michael B. Jordan made it known that he does NOT take to heart Roseanne Barr's latest apology. During his acceptance speech at the MTV Music and TV awards for "Best Villian," MBJ shifted the focus from him to her, saying he thought Roseanne had best villian in the bag (...in case you missed it,...
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When "Blended Families" Go Too Far

USA Today Jada-Pinkett Smith is known for her rather unqiue style of parenting, but recently she revealed on Sway In The Morning that she is cool with her husband Will Smith going on vacations with his ex, who is the mother of his oldest son Trey. “If I’m going to love Trey then there’s definitely...
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Kendall And Kylie Drop Tupac Tee Lawsuit

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have finally dropped a lawsuit from the summertime. The fashionista sisters were sued by photographer Michael Miller for using his photos of Tupac for their "vintage tee" collection. You might remember that they immediately dropped the shirts for purchase and Kendall came...
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Kanye West

Kanye West Reaches 'Resolution' in Lloyd's of London Lawsuit

Kanye's $10 million lawsuit against British insurance firm Lloyd's of London has reached an "amicable" resolution.
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Kendrick Lamar Joins Nipsey Hussle on New Track 'Dedication'

Los Angeles is in the house.
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Travis Scott

Travis Scott & Trippie Redd Waste Zombies in 'Dark Knight Dummo' Video

Will the rappers survive without being eaten?
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