Will.i.am Says Today's Rap is "Low-Hanging Fruit," Ed Lover Agrees

When it comes to the value and preservation of "good" rap, Ed Lover is all too familiar with a popular question quite a few hip-hop heads love to ask: what do you think about hip-hop and the state of rap today? Black-Eyed Peas leading man Will.i.am recently shared in a Rolling Stone interview that...
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TRENDING: Is Beyonce Still A Positive Role Model?

And just like that, Beyonce and Jay-Z yet again break the internet with a suprise joint album titled "Everything Is Love," which was revealed to the world via jumbo tron in London, England during their "On The Run II" tour stop over the weekend. Ed played a clip of their first single "Ape Sh**"...
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Ed Lover Gives Out Inside Scoop On Old Jay-Z Lyrics

Have you ever caught yourself repeating rap lyrics over and over yet had not the slightest idea what the lyrics your saying referred to or meant? Check out this clip of Ed Lover breaking down a couple bars of Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)," so now when you're rapping at least you know...
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